Candidates and community wonder why elections office took so long to count votes

VICTORIA, Texas- After a long day of voting, people were expecting to see results soon after the polls closed. However that was not the case on Tuesday night, as the results hadn’t come in even two hours after the voting polls were closed.

Bill Pozzi, Republican Party County Chair was one of the many people who were anxious about the votes which were taking a long time to come in. After speaking with Democratic chair, Pat Talley, who was focused more on the federal votes, whereas Pozzi was mainly interested with the local candidates, she too wanted to see some results from the elections.

All parties were waiting not just two but event three after the polls had closed, people began to feel frustrated with the fact that results weren’t in yet. Most of the unofficial votes that were reported had a big difference in leads except for the county Sheriff.

“We really like to have number as soon as possible because we put credence in the ability to vote and the system. And I think the system is really good cause when you work it you say wow that really works but by having quick results that instills confidence in people,” said Pozzi.

Pozzi understands that delay of the results may happen due to causes of computer glitches and such, however results have been taking a while to come in and many people are are curious as to why it has been taking so long.