Cancer patient “overwhelmed” to be this month’s Pay It Forward recipient

This month’s Pay It Forward winner is Brittany Langridge. Brittany was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer a few months ago and Friday we got to talk with her and her family about what Pay It Forward means to her.

Kelly Webb tell me, you nominated your daughter for Pay It Forward. Could you tell me why you did that?

“Brittany’s very well-known and loved in the community,” explained Kelly Webb, mother of Brittany Langridge. “And, umm, I frequently have people asking what they can do to help. I was at our local pharmacy and the pharmacist always asks about Brittany. And, he asks me if I knew about Pay It Forward. And, I did not. So, he gave me a slip of paper and gave me the information to nominate Brittany.”

Brittany, you’ve received over eighty percent of the votes for this month’s Pay It Forward. How do you feel about that?

“”I feel overwhelmed,” exclaimed Brittany. “I didn’t know that… that I was… was that known in Victoria.”

Well, I think it’s… we are deeply honored to be able to share that with you, on behalf of Newscenter 25.

“Thank you. I just want to thank everyone that voted and, you know, all the people that donate. My husband has been on short term disability because I can’t drive right now. So, getting our children to and from where they need to be and getting me to my appointments has been difficult. So, anything financially, it just takes that burden off.”

When asked about the struggles her and her family have had since her illness, Brittany stated, “It’s all been difficult. The diagnosis. But we’re making it through, one day at a time. But, financially, anything helps.”

“Getting that eighty percent just shows how loving our community is. And, how much support our family has. And I really need that right now.

Langridge hopes the community will continue to show support for the people and organizations that are nominated for Pay It Forward.

“I just hope that the community continues to do this. It’s good for the people that are nominated and the recipients themselves. I just think that it’s great that Victoria’s coming together to make this possible.”

Pay It Forward, Crossroads!