Cancer figher Abigail Arias enters hospice care

A trip to the Midland was cut short when Abigail began to feel a sharp pain on her left side. Doctors spoke with Ruben Arias, her father, to encourage the family to start seeking hospice care for the seven-year-old Angleton girl.

“Last Thursday, Abigail began to experience some severe pain in her left side, we met with the oncology team yesterday, and they pulled up her scans, they showed us why and explained to us why her left side was hurting, ” Arias said. “As most of ya’ll know the left lung is the worst of the two, it’s pretty much three quarters consumed with the tumor already, the right lung is not far behind. So we discussed a pain treatment for her… to begin planning her medication, to help with the medication as the tumor continues to grow. We love ya’ll, thank ya’ll for being in our journey, for accepting us and again, we’re not done, we’re not out, and I want y’all to understand that because God is greater than all of this, and he can heal her, and we know he’s gonna heal her. Thank ya’ll again for the continued prayers and God bless ya’ll. Stay relentless.”