Can You Fry an Egg or Bake Cookies in a Hot Car?

In the Crossroads, we have experienced extreme heat in the last week. Our Jesse Kelley decided to conduct a weather experiment to see how long it takes to fry an egg and bake sugar cookies.

Approximately 11:30am, I sprayed some cooking oil inside a pan. I cracked open an egg and placed it outside hoping it would fry. Next i went to my car on the opposite side of the parking lot to place eight sugar cookies on the dashboard of my car. “You can see how the cookies are losing their shape in the hot car.”

As temperatures got hotter in the afternoon, I went back to check on the egg in the skillet. I touched it and it felt like plastic. “It is approximately 1:37 and you can see the egg is cooking. However it is not what I wanted it to be.”

The egg was dried out and unattractive. I received a tip to try using foil to cook the egg. I cracked another egg and placed it on top of News Unit 4 to see if it cooks better. Then, I went back to check on the cookies.

“Right now, I am getting a temperature of 131 degrees. We are going to open up the door and see how they taste. The cookie is okay. It is not the best sugar cookie I have tasted in the world but it is okay.”

In conclusion, the sugar cookies in the car did better than the egg. Temperatures inside the car heated up quickly to dangerous levels. During the experiment, the car made it up to 130 degrees. Always remember to check your back seat for your small ones and pets!!