Camera Found At New Splash Pad

“I mean anybody can tap into the camera and view the live feed.”
“You can’t just film somebody without knowing I don’t think, but I’m okay with being out here and taking him.” Parents share a wave of concern about a camera nestled in a tree at the new splash pad.
“I saw it on Facebook. it was kind of weird to me, I had first thought that someone had just put that thing up, but then I heard that it was from the city,” says Victoria parent Rachel Turner. The camera is actually owned by the city of Victoria. It was taken down by Victoria police officers Saturday due to parent concern.
City spokesman, O.C. Garza says the camera was a construction time lapse camera which was there to track the construction of the splash pad.

“When we had the grand opening scheduled we were going to let the camera run through the grand opening, and then take it down. The grand got canceled because of rain,” says Garza. Garza says the camera wouldn’t pick up people unless they remained in the same spot for about 15 minutes. “Some people were concerned about the camera. we failed to pick it up when it opened to the public. We found out a little late that they opened the park up to the public, but we picked it up as soon as we became aware of that,” Garza says. Some residents say in any case it’s important to inform people when there is recording taking place nearby.
“I wouldn’t want my kid on there if it wasn’t for my reasoning or my approval, or if I knew what the website was or something among those lines.” says Victoria resident Kaitlyn Trotman.