Calhoun County opens new Humane Society facility

The new facility took almost 10 years to build and cost close to half a million dollars

PORT LAVACA, Texas – After nearly 10 years and a price tag of almost half a million dollars, the new Calhoun County Humane Society had its grand opening today. The new facility was funded through mainly donations and fundraising, which is something board member Russell Cain says was a community effort.

“Thanks to so many donors, fundraisers, silent auctions, live auctions. People have just been so generous to give to the animal shelter,” says Cain. The facility is able to house cats and dogs that have nowhere else to go, and a big part of the Humane Society’s mission is their goal to be a no-kill shelter, so they will accept as many cats and dogs as there able to so they don’t have to euthanize any animals, saving almost a thousand animals just this year, something Cain feels strongly about.

“If I see an animal on the road that’s been run over, I’ll always pull it off the road and I pick it up and I’ll take it, and sometimes I’ll bury it,” says Cain.

The facility has plenty of clean and comfortable spaces for the cats and dogs, and something else that sets this apart from other animal shelters is that they have four outdoor, fenced-in areas for their dogs to run around and get some fresh air and sun.

Some of the animals have been in the care of the humane society for as long as six years and still haven’t had to be put down, and the goal remains the same for all the animals that come into this building, finding them a forever home, which is what one longtime volunteer Debbie Summey loves to see.

“It’s been very rewarding to see a dog that comes in here very scared, very afraid of everything, and by the time they leave, they’re comfortable. and that’s what it’s all about. trying to find them a home, you know a forever home,” says Summey.

The new facility was built on three acres of land so they plan on eventually expanding. They are in need of volunteers and donations, which can range from dog and cat food to cat litter or toys for the animals. They are located at 106 Haley Lane in Port Lavaca.