Cade Middle School seventh-grader wins the Victoria County Spelling Bee

Co-champions Laney Aiken and Aaron Ehsan will go on to compete at the regional contest

VICTORIA, Texas – Twenty-five Victoria County students competed against each other this morning at the Victoria County Spelling Bee.

It took 11 rounds for the Victoria County Spelling Bee co-champions to rise above the rest, Laney Aiken from Cade Middle School was first to come out as victorious. Her winning word was, “transmogrify.”

“I feel like I’m going to pass out,” Laney said. “Every year my grandma writes all  the words out on index cards and then she just calls them out to me.”

Co-champion Aaron Ehsan has won the county bee three times in the past and has also gone on to compete in the national competition.

“I was nervous,”  Aaron said. “My oldest brother went to Nationals once in 8th grade and my other brother went to Regionals.”

Competing in the spelling bee is also a family tradition for Laney.

“My dad competed in middle school,” Laney said. “I know that he’s proud of me, I haven’t talked to him yet but he was so excited about me doing this.”

Both co-champions say they will prepare for the regional spelling bee competition by studying even harder.