Business Report: Amazon ramps up presence in physical stores with “Instant Pickup” service; and more

Amazon has launched a new service in five cities that lets its prime members pick up certain items within two minutes of ordering them online. The service, which is called “instant pickup” is the latest move by the e-commerce giant to increase its presence in physical stores. Currently, the pickup locations are near college campuses in five cities – Atlanta, Los Angeles, Berkeley, California, College Park, Maryland and Columbus, Ohio. Amazon plans to expand the service to more locations in the coming months.

Southwest Airlines does not assign seats, instead giving travelers a boarding position based on check-in time. The airline’s elite frequent fliers are all but guaranteed early boarding, but a computer glitch left many of those fliers with higher numbers on their boarding passes. Southwest said its technology teams are working to resolve the issue, but did not provide a timetable for the fix. Travelers who purchased southwest’s automatic early bird check in option for $15 have not been affected by the glitch.