Business Owners Speak Out on Navarro Street Median Project

For many, driving down Navarro Street may sometimes seem like a bit of a task.

“Its frustrating for everybody not just me,” says Emio Ganem.

As a resolution, TxDot is proposing improvements to Navarro Street. The plan is to construct a median barrier in order to improve safety, increase mobility, and reduce crashes.

However many business owners disagree, saying a median barrier will only open the door to more problems.

“People who go northbound or southbound will have to go to a light and make a U-turn to get into a business. U-turns are dangerous,” says local business owner Dr. Lisa Heinrich Null.

Kelly Fitch with Classy- N- Sassy Boutique, says a median will not only worsen traffic, but it will also inconvenience area businesses.

“I think that it will affect the businesses on Navarro. I think that it will be an inconvenience to get to one side if you’re on the other,” Fitch says.

Drivers hope that TxDot will weigh out other options.

“Medians are good in some places. It all depends on where you put them. If you put them in the wrong place and you have business on one side and the other, then you have to go all the way around and make a U-turn, which is supposed to be against the law, to get where you need to go,” says Ganem.

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