Update: Brumby wins runoff election for Goliad County Commissioner seat

Brumby, Creech face off in runoff election for Goliad County Commissioner seat

Updated on July 14, 2020

Kirby Brumby won the runoff election for County Commissioner in Precinct 3 in Goliad County with 222 votes. John Creech trailed behind with 194 votes.


GOLIAD, Texas – Kirby Brumby and John Creech face off this week in the runoff election. In the March primary Brumby got 41.7 percent of votes, Creech received 36.98 percent of votes.​

Brumby currently serves as sheriff for Goliad County. ​

Creech is a rancher living in Weesatche, north of Goliad, and in Precinct 3. ​

Road repair and fiscal responsibility are the platforms the sheriff is running on. ​

“This was the first year we’ve actually had a balanced budget but in previous years we have spent more money than what we brought in and I’m a fiscally responsible person, and I am going to do my best to make sure we that we only have a balanced budget not spending more than we bring in,” Brumby said.​

Brumby said he’s against a road and bridge tax unless voters are allowed to make that decision at the polls. ​

Interim sheriff for Victoria County, Roy Boyd, is uncontested in his race and is likely to replace Brumby January 1, 2021. ​

“Let me assure you that I will be the sheriff until midnight Dec 31st. I will not vacate my office,” Brumby said.​

Brumby said he will work to keep taxes down and roads improved. ​

His opponent, Creech, said the pandemic pushed his campaign on the road and door to door – getting to know Goliad residents and making a few friends along the way. ​

“If nothing else I’ve been able to make some new friends and at the same time have an appreciation of what some people are doing to try and get into this county, to become good citizens and good stewards,” Creech said.

Reports of a charge of contempt of court against the sheriff have shaken up the campaign, said Creech. ​

“One thing that I told Kirby, we go back a long way and I said I would never say anything bad against him but it’s pretty sad that I have to admit when Kirby is supposed to have broken the law and then he tries to turn it around on his opponent, saying his opponent must need the help,” Creech said. “His opponent didn’t break the law or get in the paper. Once again, I tell everybody his opponent doesn’t need his help. I run on my own morals.”​

If elected, Creech said he would like to implement a pothole hotline for residents to dial when they encounter road troubles. ​

Brumby declined to comment regarding the alleged charges.