Brackenridge Winter Carnival Snow Day

VICTORIA, Texas–From snow fights to snow slides, the children came out ready to play with faces full of smiles. The 10th annual Brackenridge Winter Carnival took place on Saturday at the Brackenridge Main Event Center.Families in the community were excited s as their little ones enjoyed playing in some manufactured snow.

“What ultimately made us start it was that we wanted to bring on a unique experience to our community. And the reason why its been going on for 10 years is because we have a great reaction from the community. We have a great turnout, everybody loves it, and we just love having the kids and seeing them have fun as you could tell,” said Brackenridge Center marketing director, Bridget Bustos.

The employees begin working on this event from November. The Winter Carnival includes food trucks, icicle pirate ship, bumper cars along with a craft zone. They provide over 80,000 pounds of ice to make all the fun in the snow for the children.

“Seeing the little kids and their faces especially in the small play areas seeing them play in the snow for the first time, and that kind of warms our heart. This is an event is a lot of work but actually for our employees it’s one of our favorites because they love to see the smiles on the faces and they really enjoy putting the time into it,” said Brackenridge recreation manager Cammie Pearson.

For some children it was their first time seeing or being in snow and they could be happier.