Boston bombing survivor provides insight to those helping amputees

The Warm Springs rehabilitation center held a luncheon presentation today on amputee rehab, featuring a special guest speaker with a lot of experience on the matter.

Rebekah Gregory, a survivor of the Boston bombings, was the guest speaker for the luncheon, where members of Warm Springs gathered to learn proper procedures for a new amputee.
Along with Caesar Soto, head of prosthetics for Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates, Gregory provided valuable information and knowledge to the workers of warm springs.

“I survived this circumstance and what I believe [is] to help others. And, so, you know if I look at the worst day of my life, it’s still the greatest day because I have one more day on this earth to live and breath and try to make a difference.” said Gregory.

Both Gregory and Soto believe speaking to the amputee as soon as possible is key to providing the best care for them in the future.
They also provided demonstrations for Warm Springs employees that provided greater insight into the steps taken to make the right prosthetic.