Border Crisis: Where are we now?

A busy day awaited us as we entered the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol sector headquarters, in the outskirts of small city Edinburg.

The first task was to understand the role of each agent and the response was quite simple.

“Just like the name says, border patrol, we patrol the border. We need to check who comes across, when they come across, obviously if we encounter you, you’re probably not there legally because crossing between the ports of entry is not the way to do it.” says Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera.

According to data, 11% of apprehensions in 2018 were of individuals who’ve crossed into the U.S. more than once, now, a growing trend.

“We’ve seen huge changes. This is the busiest I’ve seen it. I think most guys will tell you the same.” adds Cabrera.

This, a reason to bring up the go-to word, the staple promise of current administration, and the solution many think needs to happen- the wall.

“It is one of the tools that’s available. To us, it’ll funnel that traffic to areas where it’s safer for us to play that game…” explains Cabrera.

A game politicians are well aware of.

“Where I stand, is that we need a wall where it makes sense to build a wall. There’s certainly strategic places where its needed, as you mentioned you spoke to border patrol, and they’ll tell you there’re places where we need that infrastructure. The wall gets all the attention but it’s part of –a system. We need the boots on the ground we need the technology we need change our asylum laws, we need more immigration judges, a comprehensive solution, and we need all of those things for the puzzle to work together.” says representative Michael Cloud.

That leads us to our next stop, the Falfurrias checkpoint, a crucial part of that immense puzzle. a point used to funnel movement- this is a newly renovated facility that encompasses more than 1,000 square miles of brooks county- responsible for inspection of traveling vehicles–

“Outside our traditional tools that we’ve been utilizing which agents working the primary inspection lanes connecting immigration inspections and the canine teams we’ve added additional technology to include x-rays and license plate readers.– these checkpoints are located at major routes of egress of the border to interdict illicit activity that is leaving the border.” says agent Dustin Araujo about the new checkpoint in Falfurrias.

The newly updated facility expanded a 4 lane check to 8 lanes, as it’s one of the busiest, if not the busiest in the state.

“To conduct our border security mission, in a safe and effective manner the tools that we have in place here are enabling us to do that.” adds Araujo.

Falfurrias checkpoint, a check point that just got renovated and only opened up on May 1st. Representative Michael Cloud, made clear, that this is not just a Texas issue, but an issue for all of America.