Border Crisis: Where are we now?

We were able to take an exclusive tour along the Rio Grande with border patrol agents. A behind the scenes of that trip, and all that is seen at the dividing river explained by agents themselves.

Agent Hector Garza points out to the river, as a group travels along the river, saying, “We’re going to walk this area down to the river, and you guys are going to get a little bit of a feeling of what we do”

Agents like Garza patrol different areas of the border. As congressman Michael Cloud walked alongside agents, most expressed their need for updated technology. Garza walking with flashlights in hand says, “we have a lot of areas where people walk across, we have a lot of video that we take of people just walking across, I think one of the things we see in this area, is that we are not conducting border security operations any longer, we know we have a security crisis and because of that crisis, most of our agents are now dedicated to transporting or feeding, and caring for some of these families crossing. We are not getting family units, so people that are crossing this area have criminal records, they’re bringing drugs, and don’t want to get apprehended, they’re not asking for asylum, these people are fighting when we catch them, it’s a serious problem.”

Pointing to the rocky terrain and overgrown greenery, Garza adds “put yourself in the shoes of a border patrol agent. a lot of times, look at the terrain that we are at, part of our jobs consists of ‘I’m gonna go hide in that brush..’, we had overgrown ‘cabrizo’, and we didn’t have access to it, and even if we had access to it, you were committing suicide if you were going to engage with anyone up there, because think about it, how are we gonna get back in that area, how are they going to find you?”

When asked what can help the situation at the border Garza says, “the most important thing is man power mixed with infrastructure and technology. We can have technology and not have man power, it’s not going to work, we need to make sure we dedicate our resources and invest in our employees as well. In this specific area of the border we don’t have river roads, we don’t have physical barriers, and we have very little technology, so as you can see, this is the perfect recipe for the smugglers to bring people across to bring drugs across and it’s a serious problem.”