Boat Turn In program a success for Calhoun County

If you have an old, broken boat collecting rust, there’s a new program offering to take it off your hands, free of charge.

The Texas General Land Office, in a joint effort with the Calhoun County Commissioner’s Court and Texas Parks and Wildlife, have enacted a boat turn in program. This program is aimed at properly disposing broken down boats so they do not harm the environment.
In addition to safe disposal of the boats, the program also removes old batteries, oil and gasoline left in the boat that could damage the environment. Coordinator Russell Moon believes this program will serve the community very well.

“Basically what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to give people that… Give people an opportunity to possibly get rid of boats they don’t want. Also, it helps beautify the community and the surrounding area that they’re in.”, explained the chief coordinator.

The Boat Turn In has been a success for the state of Texas, saving an estimated 52 thousand dollars and cleaning up the surrounding communities. The program is expected to continue throughout the summer.