‘Bluebonnet has taken care of over 600 children now’

Last surviving Bluebonnet Youth Ranch member of the Board of Directors shares his memories and continued involvement


VICTORIA, Texas – The best way to know the inner workings of the Bluebonnet Youth Ranch is to speak with someone who was there from the start.

Yoakum native, Claud Jacobs, is the last surviving member of the original Bluebonnet Youth Ranch Board of Directors, over the years he’s worked as a house parent, a cook and a tour guide.

He still plays an active role within the ranch by organizing the annual golf tournament fundraiser. The tournament is in its 40th year!

In the early years, the Bluebonnet Youth Ranch experienced financial challenges but Claud Jacobs was determined to make ends meet.

“My wife said well, why don’t you do something for Bluebonnet that you liked, well what’s that? she said you like to play golf, why don’t you do a golf tournament, she suggested the tournament and that’s how it started 40 years ago,” says Jacobs.

Professional golfers and country music artists started supporting the golf tournament and in 2011 the group raised a record $250,000!

The Bluebonnet Youth Ranch has many longtime employees who keep the place going strong.

“We’ve seen the results with the children, Bluebonnet has taken care of over 600 children now, so I think it’s the success that we’ve seen, that’s the reason why so many of us have stayed involved with Bluebonnet,” says Jacobs

The Bluebonnet Youth Ranch also depends on countless volunteers and the generosity of the Crossroads.