Bloomington Water Board discuss solutions to remove arsenic from well

The Bloomington Water Board have approved a series of tests on Bloomington’s water well #5 to monitor trace arsenic levels in the well.

The District #1 Board of Directors say arsenic levels have been present in water well number 5 since 2011.

Previous board of directors used a temporary solution called blending to mix bad water and good water to produce a quality blend that meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s safe drinking standards.

This technique is also approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

At this time, all water in Bloomington is safe for consumption and usage, based on tests sent to the EPA late last year.

However, despite meeting these safety standards, current Board President William McCaskill says any arsenic is unacceptable.

“Whether we’re blending or not, we still have arsenic in the water. So… I think we need to be moving toward one of these granular medias [filters]. Some type of filtration to get it out.”

The board has authorized their engineers to conduct tests, twice weekly, on water well #5 to monitor the arsenic levels. They will then send the results to the EPA and TCEQ to analyze the samples and provide solutions to the arsenic issue.

More permanent solutions to the problem include installing a new arsenic granular filter or building a new water well. The board will work with the EPA to determine the best action going forward.