Bloomington to build new $5M subdivision

Several private funders are working with the Long-Term Recovery Group to provide new homes for those individuals who had their properties severely destroyed during Hurricane Harvey.

“Rebuild Texas got involved, Samaritan Purse got involved, Rio Texas got involved, and the decision was made by the Long- Term Recovery Group made that they were going to focus on building a sub-division in Bloomington,” said Danny Garcia, Precinct 1 County Commissioner.

The Long-term Recovery Group was able to acquire 25 acres of land that will be used to build 40 homes.

The recovery group is looking for 40 families to occupy those homes and here’s one thing you would need to know before applying for the program.

“Now the one thing you would have to understand that if you own a property you are going to have to deed it over to the Long-Term Recovery Group. You don’t get to keep your property and acquire more property in Bloomington,” said Garcia.

During commissioners court, they discussed the value of the homes that are going to be built.

“They are well-built homes, the value are $90,000 to $100,000 homes. They are very nice homes, and they will be a little tough on the selection of the families that move in there,” said Garcia.

The name of the subdivision will be called Hope Meadows and here’s why.

“Now we named it Hope Meadows because that’s what it is, its giving people hope. Now the beauty of this sub-division is the three roads, we named them hope, love, and faith in Spanish,” said Garcia.

This is a free home to individuals whose homes were severely damaged due to Hurricane Harvey in Victoria County.

The individuals who are approved for this property will be responsible for paying the taxes and insurance for the home.

To apply go to Victory County Long-Term Recovery then click on Apply Now: Home Meadows Development.