Bloomington lighting project update

We first reported about the Blooming ton light project back in June.
A project designed to bring better lighting to the streets of Bloomington
Commissioners received donations from two companies out of Calhoun County to help pay for the project.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson has been following this story and has new details. The County commissioners received their final donation for the lighting project. Commissioners received donations from two different companies, Ineos and Novus. Novus is a company that produces nutritional supplements for livestock feed. While Ineos is a multinational chemical company that provides products for many markets including: fuels and packaging and food On Monday commissioners received the final check of 8000 dollars from Novus bringing the total amount of donations to 16,000 dollars According to Victoria County Commissioner Danny Garcia, The next step is to send both donations to AEP. Once AEP receives those funds the commissioners will get a better idea of when the project will start. At the light project meeting back in June, I spoke to the companies and they said the reason for the donations is to help their neighboring community.


It’s being almost two years since 11 year old Kevin Garza was struck by an unknown vehicle while on his way to Bloomington elementary school.. He was life flighted to university hospital in San Antonio where he died of his injuries. This tragedy shook the community of Bloomington to its core. Bloomington parents called for action to be taken and side walks be placed to make their childrens morning commutes safer. New school zone lights and a reduced speed limit are in effect along that stretch of highway 1-85 where Kevin was struck. But we are learning that speed and lack of sidewalks are not the only factors that played into this tragedy. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke to commissioner Danny Garcia about the new project. The Kevin Garza tragedy prompted action–today Victoria county commissioners will now move forward on a light project that will help light up the city and save lives. “It still hurts the same, i woke up this morning thinking about my son. Everyday we think about him and everyday we cry,” expresses Darlene Moya, Kevin’s Mother. After this tragedy the Victoria county commissioners decided to make sure this doesn’t happen again by putting together a lighting project. “We started putting together some methods that would work in funding that project,” says Danny Garcia, Precinct 1 Commissioner. Because this is a state highway Garcia says that the county can’t use local funds to pay for the project. “We cant take road and bridge tax dollars for a state highway,” adds Garcia. Garcia adds the county was about to put the project to the side when TXDOT changed the way the project would be done. “Be able to install lights on the existing poles which would change the game completely. This change brought the cost down from a million dollars to just under 20,000 dollars but the county was trying to figure out how to pay for the project, when a new Calhoun county company stepped up and donated 8000 dollars for the project. “They were willing to fund the whole project, they partnered with Ineos who is out there in Calhoun county and very close to the community of Bloomington,” tells Garcia. Garcia says they look to start this project in a month and look to finish by the end of the summer. also they will have a town hall meeting on Tuesday June 26th at 5:30 pm at the st. Patrick’s catholic church. I spoke to DPS troopers and they say there is no new leads in this case, but Kevin’s mom says they are not giving up any hope.