Bloomington ISD sends community a letter, explaining the 1.5 million dollar bond

BISD community receives letter

VICTORIA, Texas – On Wednesday, Oct. 27, Superintendent Mark Anglin said Bloomington ISD’s 1.5 million dollar bond is now on the Special Joint election ballot. The district sent out an informative letter and posted it on their school website to help community members learn more about the bond.

BISD community receives letter

“It is going out today to everyone within the community that we can reach,” said Anglin. “We are posting it on our website and sending it home with all our kids.”

The letter presents all bond information. If the bond gets passed, the letter indicates the next upcoming steps are for the district. Superintendent Anglin clearly states in the letter that he isn’t advocating for or against the bond, allowing voters to make their own decision before going to the polls.

Anglin isn’t for or against the bond

“We can’t advocate for or against the bond, but we want people to know what we’re gong to use the bond money for,” expressed Anglin.

The district doesn’t anticipate a tax increase because it’s a part of their I&S fund balance. As a result, they would use these funds for campus security, renovating the school’s agricultural welding shop and their agricultural farm.

“I really want our community to look at what we would be using it for,” said Anglin. “Everything that we would use that bond for is to help our students and there’s no tax increase.”

Bond will help students prepare for job force

The letter and a power-point presentation is posted on their school website.