The Bloomington I.S.D. forwards information regarding possible misuse of more than $500k in funds to V.C.S.O.

Investigation within the Bloomington I.S.D.

Updated for clarification on May 21, 2020.

Newscenter25 wants to clarify the current Bloomington I.S.D. administrators conducted an internal investigation and upon finding several discrepancies during an audit contacted county authorities to investigate the possible illegal use of funds.

Superintendent Mark Anglin released the following statement in an email:

“In my eleven months as superintendent, the Board has overwhelmingly backed school improvements and my decisions concerning personnel. The goal of the Bloomington I.S.D. Board of Trustees is to ensure our district is one of the premier districts in the state, and they have supported me during this transition. In September of 2019, I felt the district would best be served by an additional audit to ensure all funds were being used appropriately. During this audit, several discrepancies were uncovered…During this investigation by the Bloomington I.S.D., I informed the Board there may have been illegal use of funds and that I would be turning that information over to the proper authorities so they could make a determination as to whether a crime had been committed…The Board of Trustees has insisted that we be transparent with the public at all times.”

BLOOMINGTON, Texas- The Bloomington Independent School District reviewed the possible misuse of more than $500,000 in federal funds and forwarded its concerns to county authorities.

The federal funds were supposed to help teach low-income families in the Bloomington ISD. We spoke with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office about the investigation.

“We have created an offense and began an investigation into the potential misappropriation of funds. Currently one of our investigators are working on that, however, these cases do seem to take quite a bit of time because the audit of financial crimes is a very complex and time-consuming effort,” said Roy Boyd, Victoria County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy.

Board members in the Bloomington ISD are also reviewing the situation. The former Superintendent Abbie Barnett resigned in April of last year. He says he only served the district for two years and is unaware of any misuse of funds. He says a Chief Financial Officer handled financial matters.

We spoke with Mark Anglin, the current Superintendent for Bloomington’s ISD, he says the bonuses in question were given out before he became Superintendent.

“Federal funds were used to pay bonuses to teachers, administrators, and staff here within the district and it’s my understanding that that is a misuse of federal funds. Anytime that you give any type of bonus or anything to teachers who are on a contract it has to be board approved,” said Mark Anglin, Bloomington ISD Superintendent.

As this story continues to develop we will provide the community with more information.