Bloomington Improvement Research Project: Focus Groups Saturday and Sunday

“We need grocery stores, more school zones, and police department to be more active oust here,” Bloomington resident, Nancy Tovar said.

Bloomingto resident Nancy Tovar shares what she thinks Bloomington needs.

“The grocery store would make it easier on us so we won’t have to go buy groceries all the way in Victoria or Port Lavaca,” Tovar said.

The Victoria County health department partnered with Louisiana State University and University of Texas researchers for the Bloomington Improvement Project, a project to investigate the health and social issues in the community.

“There are issues in Bloomington that need to be addressed and we want to be able to get funding and more importantly we want to make sure the community of Bloomington is healthier,” Victoria County Health Department Director, Derrick Neal said.

By researching the needs of the community. Community members voice their concerns and needs.

“Anytime you make a basketball court. I was really happy about the court. We need things to keep kids active so they’d won’t want to go drinking and partying all the time,” Bloomington resident Ryan Brown said.

“We need to have more government as far as the town is concerned. Right now we just have county. We need to incorporate, ” Bloomington resident, Bacilio Cantu said.

Focus groups will be 1 to 2 1/2 hours and your time is valuable to us.

Please show up the day of to participate in 1 of 3 Focus Groups March 4th @ 9am or 1pm March 5th @ 9am or call: 361-578-6281 ext. 3808

Location: St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Parish Hall 13316 St. Hwy. 185 Bloomington, TX