Bloomington holds town hall meeting for light project

We first reported to you about the Bloomington light project on Thursday June 21st. Tuesday evening at St Patrick’s Catholic Church Commissioner of Precinct one met with residents about the light project. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attend the meeting and has more. “These are things that Bloomington has needed for years and it seemed like we were really struggling trying to get the support to have it done. And its just sad that we had to lose a child to bring this forward,” says Sandra Langford, Resident. The tragedy of Kevin Garza dying from a hit and run, inspired the county to move forward in the Bloomington lighting project.
“But when it happened to a little boy that was walking to school, it brought that back to us and as a commissioner at that time we started to put in a little effort in ways to fund this,” tells Danny Garcia, Precinct 1 Commissioner Garcia told the residents that TXDOT would pay for the project but the county had to pay AEP for the installation, unfortunately the county couldn’t find a partner to help them. “We worked with trying to get funds from our industry partners..but not much luck and just about to give up,” exclaims Garcia. But then two companies Ineos and Novus showed up and told commissioner Garcia they would help pay for the project. “Each company Ineos and Novus have donated 8,000 dollars each to help us get the lights installed through Bloomington that TXDOT is going to pay the service for,” says Garcia. Residents rejoiced at the news.
“To hear that the lights will be coming up that is a big plus for the city and street lights at every corner is just wonderful not only for the children but for the whole community,” tells Donna Morales, Teacher. “It will help for the children from now on and for the people of Bloomington. So we are very excited about it, we’ve needed this for a long time,”declares Langford. Garcia says they look to start the project soon. “We are hoping to start sometime between mid to the end of July and have it completed before school starts,” says Garcia. Garcia says that there is still more things to work on and they will continue striving to make Bloomington better.