Bloomington High School band to perform at Walt Disney World

The band, made up of close to 45 students, is set to perform in Orlando this December

BLOOMINGTON, Texas – It’s been over a decade since the Bloomington High School band competed at Walt Disney World. Now, the band has been accepted to perform there once again in December. In a year plagued with dealing with COVID, many students had to take their classes virtually and away from school, and for Bloomington band students it was no different, having rehearsals virtually. The band director, Joshua Ferguson said it wasn’t an easy transition yet his students prevailed.

“In about March when everything got shut down, we had the luxury to continue band, unfortunately just online, but we had to become more innovative in how we were to rehearse,” said Ferguson.

Despite the challenges of virtual learning, the Bloomington band achieved something they haven’t done in over 10 years…they were accepted to perform at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando Florida this December. This is a pretty big trip.  Especially, for students who haven’t traveled out of state before, like senior percussionist Alberto Rodriguez.

“I was surprised because I never thought that us, over here, would be able to have the opportunity to go perform, outside of our state or the school, in a totally different state,” said Rodriguez.

For students like Mirakle Gutierrez, a sophomore clarinetist and drum major, this trip is exciting because she considers her bandmates her second family.

“It’s very exciting to be able to travel with the band, band is really fun, and a second family,” said Gutierrez. Being the band drum major she said that sometimes they even argue just like a family would. At the end of the day make up and still work together as a team.

It wasn’t easy either for them to make the cut and to be invited to perform at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, taking a lot of practice and days in the heat going over marching routines.

“Yeah, we worked our butts off for this. You know hard work pays off, and we do work pretty hard,” said both Rodriguez and Gutierrez.

The band is set to leave for Florida on Dec. 14 and return on Dec. 21. The total cost per student is $1,000. The students are fundraising to help pay for their trip. As of right now, 31 students are set to go, but if you’re interested in donating to help more of the band kids go on the trip you can reach out to the band booster president Joyce Harryman at 361-237-8686, or Vice President Carrie Flores at 361-746-3424.

Being a 2A school, the band is made up of around 45 students, which can be on the smaller side of bands. Their size doesn’t diminish their hard work or talent at Bloomington.

“All these kids work hard, there’s not one kid that’s here that doesn’t work really hard every single day,” said Ferguson.