Bloomington family seeks justice for euthanized pet

A Bloomington family is mourning the loss of their family pet after an accident occurred that left their dog injured. However, the family is saying more could have been done to save him.

“He was liker family, he was our baby.” says Terry Delgado, owner of Sunny the four legged family member. Sunny, named after the light he brought to his owners lives, took his last breath at Victoria’s Animal Control facility. But his family is saying, that shouldn’t have been the case.

“the dog was dropped off at 2:20, to the time they put him to sleep at 2:42 or 2:44 they didn’t give him a chance, at all,” Terry adds.

Sunny, was found by a driver after the family had tied him to truck that was not meant to move. However, movement caused injuries. Images shows some of the impacted skin, the family thinks the injuries were curable, and say his will to live was evident.

“She [driver] saw that the dog was ok, so according to how she saw him, she felt the dog was going to be ok, and she find the owners.” she adds.

Now Newscenter 25 did reach out to both Victoria Animal Control and the Public Health Department who oversee them, to get a better understanding of the occurred-,we wanted to know if there was a greater danger than what meets the eye. However, we did not receive a comment.

“I think Sunny could have been given a chance, give him something, keep him stable, until at least the owners could be contacted.”

The case continues to be under investigation, and the family says they understand if nothing could have been done, but if there was a small chance, they seek justice for their pup that meant so much

“Someone that doesn’t understand the love between a pet owner and a human, will never understand it, the love, they won’t get it.”