Bloomington Family Receives Reconstructed Home

Nearly a year after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, a family in Bloomington is finally leaving the nightmare of losing their home behind. Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez has the details.

A family who lost their home with the destruction Hurricane Harvey brought, received a warm welcome and a pair of shiny keys to their new, reconstructed home.

Music filled the room that stand with new walls for the Mercado family, nearly a year after their house was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey the Mennonite Disaster Service welcomed them home with a “Dedication Ceremony”.

“I thought we would be OK when they said it was a category 2. I was perfectly fine with staying here in the house that was here, then my sons called and i said to please get me out of here because we both have health issues” say Joyce Harryman, fiance of Joe Mercado, owner of the new home.

Joe Mercado, a diabetic, remembers returning to a caved in home. Those repairs were ones he couldn’t afford or make due to his poor health. Looking for help, the Mercado family found hope.

“We found out about the program that was available and filled out the paperwork there- and got everything started and rebuild the house, it was unsafe to live in” adds Harryman.

Volunteers from around the world came to be apart of this project, as far as Germany.

“We take three months from ground breaking to finish, this project is a bit slower because we’re running a huge project here rn, we do the labor free if the funding here.” says Don, project manager with Mennonite Disaster Service.

“I don’t wanna cry on camera, but it’s been very motivational, helping to get that done has just been a great blessing.” says Harryman.

Several volunteers returned to see the finish product of their hard work

“People will ask us, why’d you come so far to help me, you don’t even know me? Why would you come here? We’re motivated to help others- and i think it becomes contagious when you start serving.” says Don.

The Mennonite Disaster Service will stay in the area until August. The volunteer group continues to work on multiple homes in the crossroads area.