Bloomington falls to Robstown

The Bobcats opened their season against Robstown. First possession of the season for big green, fourth down that’s Quarterback Isaiah Solis back to punt but the snap sails over his head! Inauspicious start for the bobcats as they’re pinned on their own two yard line after a three and out.

Very next play, the cotton pickers make them pay. They punch it in right up the middle and Robstown draws first blood, 6-0 after a missed extra point. Ensuing Bobcats possession, Bloomington showing flashes. Solis shows off the athleticism there as he shakes a tackle and takes it twenty yards up the sideline for a first down. The biggest play of the first half for the cats. But on the very next snap, trouble once again. Ball never makes it off the ground. Fumble recovered by the Cotton Pickers as the Bobcats were very sloppy early.

The defense did a nice job keeping this a once possession game for much of the first half, but eventually, Robstown breaks through once again. Quarterback keeper on the option play and the Cotton Pickers take a 13-0 lead in the second quarter.

It’s all Robstown tonight as the Cotton Pickers win 36-0.