Bloomington Concerned over lack of Sidewalks

Busy mornings consists of getting ready for school and catching the bus, however parents in Bloomington worry about the safety of their children as they walk out the door. There’s no sidewalks or bus stops to safely get to school.

Speeding cars is nothing new on busy Highway 59 which crosses through the heart of small town Bloomington, but when crossing children are involved, parents took to social media their concerns.

“Like it’s supposed to be like 20 – 25 miles per hour here but just like that car, they run through here, they run through stops signs, it’s unsafe here.” says James Howell, a resident and parent.

Students walk to designated areas to wait on the school bus, these areas- all residential- have no sidewalks. An issue that sometimes calls for waiting right in the middle of the road.

“We need some more safe bus stops, some place for them to stand and be off the actual roadway” says Joyce Harryman.

Joyce waits on her front porch daily to watch her grand-kids walk and wait for the bus, however the lack of sidewalks isn’t her only worry.

“They’re supposed to be out there at about 6:25 in the morning, well of course it’s dark, we do turn on our porch light on in the morning to try to illuminate their way.” adds Joyce.

Although the major road recently received light fixtures as part of a project to prevent accidents like one that claimed the life of 11 year old Kevin Garza in 2016, the smaller streets are still just too dark.

“It’s dark there you know there’s no light and the kids could be sitting there waiting for the bus, a car come by, coming in and they could get hit.” says Judy Navarro, a Bloomington resident who takes her grandchildren to a close by road to catch the school bus.