Black teen says he was shocked with taser by other teens dressed as KKK clan members in Woodsboro

Six other people were terrorized and chased by the same group of teens

WOODSBORO, Texas – A black teen in Woodsboro, a small town in Refugio County, said he was tasered by a group of teens dressed as KKK members on Halloween night. His attorneys are calling this a hate crime and want a full investigation. The Woodsboro Police Department and the Texas Rangers are now investigating the attack.

Corpus Christi attorney, Matt Manning, who is representing the victim and members of the NAACP held a press conference Thursday and they want answers.

Manning says this isn’t an ordinary high school prank, this was an intent to terrorize.

“For you to dress up as a Klansman you have a specific intent of terrorizing. That’s, not an accident that’s not kids being kids that’s not boys being boys, that’s not hazing or high school high jinx. High school high jinx is egging somebody’s house not dressing up as a Klansmen and tasing them,” says Manning.

Manning said six other people were terrorized and chased by the same group of teens.

Administrators in the Woodsboro I.S.D say they are aware of the allegations but cannot take action against the students since the incident took place off-campus.

“This event did not occur at school or at any school-sponsored or school-related activity. While we are deeply disappointed that any of our students might find this type of behavior acceptable, the District cannot discipline students for this type of conduct when it occurs off-campus. Woodsboro ISD will continue to cooperate with law enforcement during the criminal investigation and will re-evaluate the situation if additional facts are discovered that bring the conduct within the jurisdiction of the WISD Student Code of Conduct,”

For the full Facebook post from Woodsboro ISD, click here.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Woodsboro Police Department at 361-543-4514