Black Lives Matter protest in Cuero

Cuero community members gathered to have their voices heard



CUERO, Texas – A Cuero resident, who took part of in the Black Lives Matter demonstration last week in Victoria, wanted something similar to take place in Cuero.

Susan Hill, a teacher in Cuero, said two of her students came up to her and told her they felt that the community in Cuero didn’t care about their life or future, and hearing that moved her to go to the protest in Victoria.

At the protest last week, Hill spoke with the organizer there and told them about bringing a Black Lives Matter protest to the city of Cuero, for their community.

“I’m happy and excited that they came because they have voices and their voices should be heard,” Hill said. “Their faces should be seen. This is an injustice that has to stop.”

Since the city of Cuero didn’t have anything planned, Hill knew how important it was for the students and the rest of the community to be heard and seen. The protest included students giving speeches and community members gathering to have their voices heard.

Between 50 to 100 people showed up to show their support. This Black Lives Matter protest was different than the one held in Victoria last week. Instead of a march, this protest was stationary.

Cuero resident De’Vonna Eldridge said she participated in the march last week in Victoria and expected the tone of the rally to be different.

Sometimes all you need to do to get your message across, is talk.

“Sometimes you just need to stand still and talk, talk things out,” Eldridge said. “Hopefully, that is the purpose of the one today.”

The rally started with a prayer and continued with a variety of speakers.

There were voting registration booths there to help those that weren’t registered.

Like the protest in Victoria, Cuero’s was also a peaceful one.