‘Black ice is a very real thing,’ says Victoria Office of Emergency Management

'Black ice is a very real thing'

CROSSROADS, Texas – Freezing rain, sleet and black ice was the cause of several accidents as people tried to get to work across the state Wednesday morning.

There are drastic changes in the forecast as artic air makes its way into the Crossroads area.

“Black ice is a very real thing,” said Rick McBrayer with the Victoria Office of Emergency Management. “Especially for down here, we aren’t used to dealing with that on a regular basis, so it’s really important for us to be fully aware.”

Black ice may not be visible on the road and this could lead to potential accidents, according to transportation agencies.

“Black ice is a very unique situation, you can’t see it and most of the time you are upon it and you are experiencing the loss of connectivity with your tires on the road  and ultimately resulting in an accident,” said McBrayer.

The Texas Department of Transportation is on board for preparations and road crews will inspect the roads early morning for safety precautions, confirmed McBrayer.

In documents provided by the USDA, black ice forms due to the heat of tires on the road combined with freezing temperatures.

Black ice will especially form on overpasses, ramps and bridges.

McBrayer mentioned a determination if roads are passable for school bus drivers will be decided early mornings in the coming days.

“For road conditions … in the winter time of 2017, right after Hurricane Harvey, we had some snow and so we had to put out some warnings,” said McBrayer.

If black ice is present on the road and a driver hits it, the USDA suggested drivers to not hit the brakes.

In the a document by the USDA, it suggested drivers to, “do as little as possible and allow the car to pass over the ice. Do not hit the brakes, and try to keep the steering wheel straight.”

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