Black Friday shopping is in full swing

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson tells us more about Black Friday shopping after braving the lines himself at a few more stores

The Black Friday fever has been in full swing, I checked out a few stores to check out what shoppers are eager to get their hands on….

Its Black Friday, and you know people are out shopping because the deals are so good. My first stop is Target.
“Overall it was fantastic, it was one of our best years to date. We checked out almost 4000 guest yesterday between 5pm and 1 am. For me i been with target for about 5 years and we had record sales yesterday,” tells Josh Vega, Store Team Leader. Shopper Lisa Barr approaching Black Friday with a different strategy this year. “Its been a good experience, i think everyone went yesterday. I usually wait until the crowd gets out of the way and then i come on Friday after 10. If its there i need it and if it isn’t than i don’t,” explains Lisa Barr, Shopper. While she tried to do most of her shopping online, there was one item she couldn’t wait to get in stores for a special someone.
“And this is my number one thing to get in the store and i found it….its a barbie bundle…its for my niece,” tells Barr. Now i made my way down to Kohls for the next stop on this Black Friday Fever. The store manager at Kohls tells me they have helped thousands of shoppers between Thursday night and Friday morning.
The line stretched from the register all the way to the home decor department. “It was good, the lines were long in some places but they went fast,” adds Susie Sides, Shopper. Susie Sides took a page out of Lisa Barr’s book by waiting later to go shopping. “My niece and i always go black Friday shopping but we usually do it at like 4 in the morning but this time we waited until 10 in the morning. the lines have moved pretty fast,” exclaims Sides.

While shoppers appreciate the great deals, one believes stores should let their employees enjoy the holidays with their families.