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Valerie Perez is originally from Dallas. She joined Newscenter25 in August of 2020. Ever since she was young, Valerie always loved reading, writing, storytelling, and photography. While obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Communications from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, she found a calling in broadcast journalism. After graduating, and then continuing onto graduate school, she gained experience in political coverage, local investigative reporting, and social media analytics. Through her reporting, Valerie enjoys getting to know her community, informing the public, and helping keep others safe. Reach out to her at with story ideas. And you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @valerie-pereztv  


VISD School Board Elections voting registration deadline coming up

On Thursday, April 1st, is the registration deadline to vote during the VISD school board and bond elections for May 1st.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine available in Edna on Thursday

Rogers Pharmacy in Edna plans to have daily appointments distributing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Annual Alzheimer's report brings attention to less health care access in minority communities

Annual Alzheimer's Association special report brings attention to health care accessibility needs in minority communities. 

OEM's response to red diesel spill comes, close to completion

New software for vaccine registration succeeds

Newly purchased software for vaccine registration succeeds, getting 5,100 on waitlist.

Port Lavaca BBQ restaurant wins awards for food quality and place to work

Port Lavaca BBQ restaurant recently mentioned in Texas Monthly and recognized for their unique tamale recipe.

Black business market day continues to celebrate African culture

5 things to know for February 26: Covid, stimulus, Syria, Saudi Arabia, gymnastics

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COVID-19 Vaccine waitlist opens today

Feb 25: Top local headlines in the Crossroads

Here are the top 3 local stories you need to know today.

5 things to know for February 25: Covid, stimulus, immigration, Australia, CIA probe

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Commissioner's court meeting resumes after winter storm

Now that the roads are safer to drive on with warmer temperatures, the Commissioner's court meeting for last week resumes on Monday, Feb. 22nd.

5 things to know for February 19: Texas, Iran, Covid-19, NASA, Capitol riot

Here are the 5 things you need to know today.

Ways to boil water without electricity

The winter storm is hitting Texas pretty hard, here are some tips on how to boil water without electric power.

Tips on conserving energy during polar plunge

Here are some tips on how to conserve power, energy, and water during the winter storm.

5 things to know for February 16: Stimulus, Capitol riot, Covid-19, weather, Ebola

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American Red Cross takes action for additional community winter storm resources

The American Red Cross coastal bend chapter already provided many counties with additional resources to take on the winter storm.

Tri-City Empowerment Council provides food boxes during sudden winter storm

Tri-City Empowerment Council paired with other organizations to provide food boxes for people who are food insecure, to guarantee they have something to eat during the polar plunge.

Therapy dog Molly is available anywhere in Texas

The Texas Fallen Officer Foundation has a therapy dog named Molly, who can help relax any victim after a traumatic event.

Commissioner's Court meeting is on Tuesday, instead of Monday next week

Commissioner's Court will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 16, since Monday is President's Day.

Gov. Abbot reassures Texans will have resources during winter storm

On Saturday, Feb. 13, Governor Greg Abbot gave an update on his plan for the winter storm and resources available for those who are struggling.

5 things to know for February 12: Impeachment, Covid-19, White House, police, China

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5 things to know for February 10: Impeachment, Covid-19, White House, India, climate

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Vaccine clinic registration opens again on Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 10 AM

On Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 10:00 a.m. - you can register for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Market day event celebrates Black History Month and supports local businesses

Black history month inspired Lydia Hobbs to organize a Black Business Market Day, helping entrepreneurs expose and sell their products.

14 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Victoria County

Friday's current hospital occupancy rate is 16.28%.

Vaccine clinics getting a software upgrade, easing registration

Soon it will become easier and faster to register for a COVID-19 vaccine, allowing volunteers to complete other mandatory tasks.

David Gonzales aims to improve vaccine clinic each time

Thursday's vaccine clinic was a success and organizers plan to keep it that way.

5 things to know for February 5: Coronavirus, Congress, Smartmatic, Yemen, Hong Kong

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The Nave's weekend kids art classes still has available spots

The Nave museum will host weekend art classes for kids on Saturday's, as they learn how to paint or draw, hoping to influence future artists and humanitarians.

Christ's Kitchen and Mother Cluckers Flea Market honors Kevin Garza

Christ Kitchen is flattered to have Mother Cluckers help them out with a food drive to honor the life of Kevin Garza.

VISD teacher arrested for drug charges

Online vaccine clinic registration succeeds

Registering for the vaccine mass clinic online was a success this time around.

Mrs. Avery's funeral services information

The funeral services honoring Mrs. Avery's life will take place on Feb. 12 and 13.

Feb 3: Top national headlines you need to know

President Biden pays tribute for fallen officer during insurrection, a new nominations for Senate Commerce and Energy positions.

VISD rally promotes benefits for students, teachers, and entire community

The VISD bond rally in front of their administration building spread awareness on how its passing will improve the entire community.

VISD bond proposal plans much needed construction for old facilities and new playgrounds

The 156.8 million dollar bond promises to rebuild Stroman Middle school and Mission Valley Elementary school.

Amber alert in Celina, TX extends to Arkansas

An amber alert for 2 year old Levy has been issued, the boy is 2 ft. 6 inches tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. 

Ms. Sandra Avery was a resilient woman who loved looking out for children

Ms. Avery ran a food pantry to help Victoria