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In a Chicago area high school I was voted, “Most Unforgettable.” Who would have thought I’d actually be able to live up to that billing as well as parlay that into a career I love? I had my doubts at times but here I am after stints on reality television and now as a television weather anchor.

From the late 1990’s and into the 2000’s I worked various jobs in sales and experiential marketing but had dreams for a long time of working on TV as a weather guy. I spent a few years acting and participating on numerous television shows while pursuing my degree.  When the reality TV and acting bug wore off, it was time to finish my studies. I attended Mississippi State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in meteorology.

I landed my first news job in Joplin, MO as the weekend meteorologist.  I was thrown into the fire for severe weather coverage. I also worked as a journalist to cover the devastating floodwaters in Southwest Missouri. Before I left, I even put together a fun package about Bigfoot in The Four States.

My next stop was Anchorage, AK.  Here I worked as a morning meteorologist and it was an experience that I will never forget.  After countless moose sightings, whale and bear encounter’s, as well as cold snowy winters, I thought it was time to leave the biggest state and head south to the second largest state in the country. I have kicked off 2021 as an anchor/meteorologist/MMJ here at KAVU for the warm winters in Victoria, Texas. Time to chase hurricanes and predict severe weather while presenting to and interacting with the nicest people I have met to date.

Howard Gordon AKA Future Dr. Hurricane Howie


1] Films: Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon and Star Wars
2] TV Shows: Smallville, I Dream of Jeanie, Six Million Dollar Man, Kobra Kai and Mandalorian
3] Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Majors
4] Actresses: Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Kristin Kreuk, Laura Vandervoot
5] Bands: U2, Rod Stewart, Hall & Oates, The Monkees
6] Hobbies: Reading, Karaoke, Humor, Working Out
7] Sports to Play: Football, softball, basketball
8] Sports Teams: Broncos, Hurricanes, Whoever Beats Notre Dame, The 49ers and The Patriots
9] Outdoor Activities: Swimming, running, beach, Everglades, mountain hiking
10] Music: Oldies and Top 40
11] Cereal: Trix, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, Froot Loops
12] Snacks: Cheetos, Pringles, Rice Crispy Treat
13] Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Macadamia Nut, Oatmeal Raisin
14] Drinks: Mr. Pibb, Chery Coke, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer


Sun along with warmer conditions are in store for the early part of the work week

Sunday Weather 4-18-21

Showers and clouds lessen and thin as the area begins a slow warm up

Saturday Weather 4-17-21

Birthdays Sunrise Wednesday 4-14-21

Happy Birthday From All of Us Here at 25 News Now

Wednesday's Question of The Day

This storm greatly impacted human agriculture back on this day in 1935

Sunrise Birthdays Tuesday 4-13-21

Happy Birthday From All of Us Here at 25 News Now

Early fog, clouds and showers before the sun makes a rare appearance for the week on Tuesday

Tuesday Weather 4-13-21

Clouds begin to fill the Crossroad skies that has us inching closer to showers and thunderstorms

Sunday Weather 4-11-21

A cold front moves into the Crossroads that could spark a shower or two

Friday Weather 4-9-21

Clouds move in but skies clear up again on Friday while temps warm up above average

Thursday Weather 4-8-21

Fog and clouds block our skies until the sun starts to appear on Thursday

Wednesday Weather 4-7-21

Wind advisories with gusts up to 40 mph in wake of warmer temperatures on the way

Tuesday Weather 4-6-21

Some clouds and breezy winds overnight while temperatures start to climb tomorrow

Monday Weather 4-5-21

Slight chance of rain and some fog before more sun and warmer temps head into the Crossroads

Sunday Weather 4-4-21

Vehicle catches fire in mall parking lot

No injuries were reported.

Possible showers Sunday through the early part of the week before the warm up and sunshine begins

Saturday Weather 4-3-21

Clouds, fog and rain leave while warmer temps and sun kick off the work week

Sunday Weather 3-28-21

Storms bring rain and fog to the Crossroads overnight along with cooler temperatures

Saturday Weather 3-27-21

A warmup is on the way but so are some early spring showers

Sunday Weather 3-21-21

As Spring moves along the temperatures increase but so do the clouds and rain chances

Weather for Saturday 3-20-21

Sunrise Birthdays Friday 3-19-21

Happy Birthday From All of Us Here at Newscenter 25

More sunshine and average temperatures for the weekend before warm air and rain head our way

Friday Weather 3-19-21

Fri-Yay's Question of The Day

A Big Day Today in U.S. Military History

Sunrise Birthdays Thursday 3-18-21

Happy Birthday From All of Us Here at Newscenter 25

Thursday's Question of The Day

Alex Leo has a legendary walk on this day back in 1965

A little bit breezy but comfortable temperatures with lots of sunshine

Thursday Weather 3-18-21

Cool and breezy overnight but sunny and nice tomorrow

Wednesday Weather 3-17-21

Sunrise Birthdays Wednesday 3-17-21

Happy Birthday From All of Us Here at Newscenter 25

Wednesday's Question of The Day

What is the safety reason for wearing green on St. Patrick's Day? 

After early fog and early showers skies will gradually clear through the day

Weather for Wednesday 3-17-21

Sunrise Birthdays Tuesday 3-16-21

Happy Birthday From All of Us Here at Newscenter 25

Tuesday's Question of The Day

What happened back on this day in 1926 that revolutionized Space Travel?

Early fog, warm but with showers developing later this evening

Tuesday Weather 3-16-21

Sunrise Birthdays Monday 3-15-21

Happy Birthday From All of Us Here at Newscenter 25

Warmer air moves back into the Crossroads today which could spell for more rain

Monday Weather 3-15-21

Spring Forward at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning as clocks move ahead to 3 a.m.

We lose an hour on Sunday

Wetter and cooler weather overnight and tomorrow as storms move into the area

Saturday Weather 3-13-21

A warmup kicks off the work week that should last right through Friday

Sunday Weather 3-7-21

A cool down for the weekend but then the heat turns up

Friday Weather 3-5-21

Clouds move in but most of the week will be above average temperature wise

Weather for Thursday 3-4-21