Alexandra Kent

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Alexandra Kent is the Weekend Meteorologist for Newscenter 25. Born and raised in Cantonment, FL., she was initially scared of severe weather. This fear turned into curiosity when Pensacola took a direct hit from Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Her curiosity then turned into a passion after experiencing firsthand the Super Outbreak of Tornadoes on April 26th-28th, 2011, in Northeast Mississippi. During this devastating event, she had her first experience with tornadoes. Seeing the power of nature made her want to study it more, and she chose to pursue a career in Meteorology.

She graduated from Mississippi State University’s Broadcast Meteorology program in May of 2019, with a B.S. in Geosciences and a minor in Mathematics. During her time at Mississippi State, she coauthored a paper titled “Perceptions about Social Science among NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologists” and had it published in the American Meteorological Society’s journal Weather, Climate, and Society. She continues to be passionate about educating the public on weather, especially severe weather, in hopes that others can overcome their fears of it like she did.

In her spare time, she enjoys taking care of her two cats, Charley and Thomas, one of whom is special needs. She also enjoys photography, ceramics, and crocheting. She is passionate about agriculture, helping special needs children, and animals. What she likes about the Crossroads is how it reminds her of where she grew up in Northwest Florida (weather wise), and the ability to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. Don’t be afraid to say Hello if you see her out!