Billy T. Cattan Recovery Center receives $30,000 from Victoria County United Way

Although Hurricane Harvey impacted people, businesses and the area’s plants, the Victoria County United Way is allocating the same total amount, $615,000 as last year, including $13,000 for emergencies, and $602,000 awarded directly to eighteen local service organizations.

The Billy T. Cattan Recovery Outreach Center received $30, 000 in grant money from Victoria United Way.

“We use the funds for our adult outpatient substance abuse treatment program,” Executive Director, Daniel Barrientos said.

The state reimburses 40% of treatment costs. The rest of the funds come from fundraising or United Way.

“Our policy is we aren’t going to turn down a person even if they can’t pay. Some people aren’t qualified for state funded services. Right now, 80% of our patients are qualified. The other 20% use private insurance or pay out of pocket,” Barrientos said.

Individuals who have Medicaid aren’t covered for substance abuse services. The state also won’t reimburse for those individuals on Medicaid receiving substance abuse treatment.

The Billy T. Cattan Recovery Outreach Center recently moved to a new facility in April 2018. The new location on East Crestwood makes the center more visible to those in need of help which has caused an increase of patients who are on Medicaid.

“It’s extremely important to us to receive United Way funds. If we didn’t have those funds we would have no way to pay for those who aren’t able to pay for services. It’s crucial to keeping our doors open,” Barrientos said.

The Annual United Way Day of Caring will be on Friday, August 3rd at the Billy T. Cattan’s new location on 802 East Crestwood Dr.

Through many individual donors, employee pledges and corporate support, $896,104 was raised, including $40,000 in one time funds for those agencies still providing assistance after Harvey. “We are so grateful to those who reached deep into their pockets to help others in our community less fortunate trying to improve their lives,” said Caleb Staudt, newly elected President of the Victoria County United Way Board of Directors and Independent Financial Advisor with South Star Wealth Management.

Grants are going to agencies that help the Victoria community become stronger, safer and healthier. Food is being taken to homebound seniors, people in desperate situations are getting help building their lives and children are learning in safe environments.

Sheila Vesely, Chair of the Community Investment (Grants) Committee, said “Each of the agencies applying for funds does an outstanding job providing needed services in our community, and they do it in a very effective, and also in a very efficient way.”

Some of the agencies requested less this year, after receiving disaster funds from United Way and other sources, and also realizing campaign contributions were a bit less this year. Sheila noted, “15 of the 18 organizations received what they requested, or the same or more than last year, with the remaining 3 receiving about 97% of last year’s award”.

Dolly Stokes, Executive Director of the VCUW added, “we are glad to see even more of the donations staying here, with fewer donors designating their contribution to go outside of the area. Last year, about $51,000 was designated while this year only $27,881 was designated to go to other areas.”

The disaster donations VCUW received after Hurricane Harvey are separate from the annual campaign and the needed support for the social service programs in the area. Many of those funds have been awarded over the last 11 months to the agencies providing temporary housing, food and basic necessities, as well as to the Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity for materials and supplies to repair/rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Additionally, disaster funds have been provided to households with unmet needs that applied for and were approved through the Victoria County Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG). Along with churches and other organizations, United Way has leveraged resources by providing funds for blown out windows, roof repairs, destroyed bedding, washers, dryers and much more through the LTRG.

Caleb thanked the many donors this year, the contributors to the disaster fund and also the Caterpillar Foundation for its one-gift to help address the long term lack of affordable low income housing.

Sheila also thanked the committed group of community volunteers who served on the Grants Committee reviewing the applications, visiting all the agencies and participating actively in three full days of grant hearings. She added, “These volunteers are a big part of how we assure all contributions are leveraged as much as possible to help in our community where its most needed.”

Funds Allocated: Billy T. Cattan Recovery Outreach $30,000 CASA $27,000 Hope of South Texas $18,000 Mid Coast Family Services $80,000 STARS Clinic $32,000 Community Action Agency of Victoria $14,000 Gulf Bend STARS Program $20,000 American Red Cross (reimburse for local emergencies) $15,000 Food Bank of the Golden Crescent $22,000 Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity $29,000 Perpetual Help Home $38,000 Victoria Christian Assistance Ministry $40,000 Victoria Senior Citizens Centers $67,000 Boys and Girls Club – Victoria $62,500 Boys and Girls – DeWitt County $21,500 Communities in Schools $24,000 Victoria Adult Literacy Council $27,000 YMCA $30,000 Emergencies $13,000 Designated by Donors to out of area UWs $27,881 Pledge loss allowance (historically 7%) $63,000 Reserves $17,137 Grants, designations, reserves & loss allowance: $723,018 VCUW impact program & operations $173,086 Total $896,104