Big changes are going to occur for game rooms in the Victoria City limits on December 16th

Game rooms are facing new regulations that will change how and where game rooms can operate.

Ben Zeller, Victoria County Judge said, “So there will be no more game rooms within the City limits. Those that wish to open game rooms would have to do so outside of the City limits and operate under a much more stringent set of requirements than what was previously in place”.

Judge Zeller says this effort to stop illegal game rooms was originated during a discussion in commissioners court and the decision was made with a lot of help from non-profit organizations in the community.

“As well as residents who have become very concerned with the adverse impact that these game rooms have, so we plan to fix that problem and again were shooting for December 16 th when they will be formally put in place said, Judge Zeller.

Judge Zeller says on December 16 th the current game rooms in The Victoria City limits will no longer be able to legally operate. Those interested in operating their business outside of the victoria city limits will have to follow the application process set in place under the new ordinance.

“When you have a growing supply of illegal game rooms, they actually cut revenue to legitimate nonprofits and that was a request that was expressed to us. So we’re responding to our non-profit’s concerns to concerns of the public and are going to pass an ordinance to fix this problem,” said Judge Zeller.
On December 16 th the game room ordinance could take effect immediately which will close down game rooms.