Beyoncé dresses as Lisa Bonet, leaving fans crazy in love

Fans are obsessed with these never-before-seen photos of Beyoncé dressed as Lisa Bonet.

Queen Bey on Friday posted the photos to her website showing off her look as the “Cosby Show” actress and ’90s fashion icon. The photos, titled “Your B at 37,” were taken last Halloween.

The “Formation” singer celebrated her 38th birthday earlier this month.

Other photos included Beyoncé dressed as Toni Braxton and Olympic athlete FloJo. However, her cosplay of Bonet stole the spotlight.

Even Bonet’s daughter, “Big Little Lies” star Zoë Kravitz, couldn’t help but fangirl.

“Seriously, @beyonce? am i your child toooo???? Yassss,” Kravitz said on Instagram.

In another photo, Beyoncé posed as Bonet while holding 2-year-old twins Rumi and Sir, both dressed in onesies nearly identical to one Kravitz wore as a child.

Kravitz joked: “I can’t ….is @beyonce also my mom now or ?…..”

Other fans also took to social media to admire the photos and pay tribute to the Queen.

“Beyoncé as Lisa Bonet has to be one of the best things I’ve ever seen,” said a fan who goes by Alex on Twitter.

Another fan wrote: “Lisa Bonet is a beautiful, environmental queen. From her, to previous years of Toni Braxton and Flo-Jo, I love how Beyoncé often pays tribute to black women legends and puts them on the radar of new generations.”