Beto O’Rourke’s People of Texas Town Hall in Victoria set for Friday

Woodrow Wilson Wagner II, Victoria County Democratic Party Chairman on the campaign event


The following article provided by Woodrow Wilson Wagner II, Victoria County Democratic Party Chairman:

Tomorrow, the Victoria County Democratic Party is honored to welcome Congressman Beto O’Rourke to Victoria, TX for a Town Hall at 2:30 pm at the University North Building Multi-Purpose Room on the UHV campus. I believe that Beto is an aspirational, transformational, and motivational leader that can elevate the hopes and better angels of our nature. I believe that his policies will improve the quality of life for those who would sooner go unnoticed in Victoria County including our citizens who are poor, marginalized, discriminated against, abused, and suffering.

Beto is not running to become Governor of the Democratic Party. He is running to become the Governor of Texas. For ALL Texans, whether they be Republicans, Democrats, Whigs, Federalists, or Independents. Thus, ALL humans who want to engage in a respectful and meaningful dialog about ensuring equity in our education system are welcome at this event. One of the things that makes Victoria County so special is the fact that Democrats and Republicans CAN sit down with one another reasonably without the cliche talking points and straw man arguments. We CAN have productive discussions about education and other issues that effect the lives of so many in this community. We CAN disagree without being disagreeable.

I have personally invited several local Republican officials to this gathering. Yes, Republicans! You don’t have to agree with Beto. You don’t have to vote for Beto. But why not take a break from the regurgitated memes and hyper-partisan narratives and actually listen to Beto for a few minutes and thoughtfully ask him a serious question about the future of education in Texas to his face instead of sitting at your keyboard?

Democrats and Republicans in Victoria don’t match the divisive and rabid partisan cage match that the national media perpetuates. We are hard working, patriotic, and God fearing Texans who help our neighbors in need during hurricanes, freezes, and droughts regardless of which candidate’s sign they have on their front lawn! At the end of the day, Beto O’Rourke does not have all the answers and is not going to fix all of our problems over night. Yet, he is running for the highest office in the greatest state in the Union and is willing to have a conversation with everyone in this community. For the sake of Texas, let us dare to listen and engage. So say we all!

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By Woodrow Wilson Wagner II, Victoria County Democratic Party Chairman

Woodrow Wilson Wagner II

Woodrow Wilson Wagner II