BBQ benefit organized for 20-year-old quadriplegic

It was a regular work day for Emmy Saenz on the first day of October – she was on her way to work as a contractor at Formosa – a plastics manufacturing plant in Calhoun County.

“So I leave around 6 a.m. and I was on my way to work, and the accident happened so I wasn’t even at work yet, I hadn’t quite turned into the gate just yet, but I was right before the gate before turning in,” Saenz said. “It was really difficult, the whole thing, I was really confused and like, even know I’m still confused over the whole situation of what happened.”

Her mother, Rosemary Bazan, was on shift that morning when she got the call.

“I got a phone call from Emmy’s Dad, my ex-husband, and that he startled me saying that Emmy was in a really bad wreck,” Bazan said. “I was informed that she was going to be flown by PHI. We arrived at the Texas Medical Center, Memorial Hermann. The ER physician also informed us that they believed that her injuries were going to be permanent and that would cause her to be a quadriplegic.”

“I don’t have a lot of motion, I’m coarse with my hands,” Saenz said. “I can’t really move my fingers but I can move my arms and shoulders and of course my neck pretty well, so.”

“At least our most immediate change would be to get her restroom modified,” Bazan said. “As it is now, she can’t get into her restroom because the door opening is not wide enough for her wheelchair and I we have to make modifications to be able to have her with a shower that she can be rolled into. For those kinds of things right now. The way that the traditional bathtub is with the shower/bath combo, it doesn’t work for her, for our needs and to be able to care for her at all. She can’t get into the bathroom period because of the door size, so.”

A BBQ fundraiser has been organized for Saenz and her family to help cover expenses for her medical and home modification needs. On Sunday, Dec. 8 – BBQ plates will be for sale at the Victoria Community Center – an effort organized by friends and family.

“There’s just not enough words to say thank you to everybody that has helped out,” Bazan said.

For families going through similar hardships – Bazan says its important to let go of the past.

“Let the past be in the past, and love one another,” Bazan said. “To be humble, grateful for each other, and as you can see in a split-second, everybody’s life can change with just one person. It will affect everybody. Love, just love each other and appreciate that these are the people in your lives. This is your family, these are your friends and take care of each other, be there for each other, through thick and thin. That’s all we have at the end of the day… is each other.”

And Saenz says she couldn’t do it without the support from her family.

“Definitely my family, definitely having them and their support, every day, is what keeps me going,” Saenz said. “At the time of my accident I was actually going to start welding school, that same day of my accident, so I was hoping in the future to be a welder and carry on a good life and have a good career. Hopefully, a lot of people come out and enjoy the benefit and it’s a success and meet new people. It’s definitely not the end of the road, there is still hope.”

To make an impact in Emmy’s life, visit her GoFundMe page here.