BBB warns of cell phone scam

” Y ou might receive a link that says you got a virus but lets say they got a virus you might click on it, it takes you to a website and it could download something on your phone that you don’t want on there.” Said Miguel Miro

Miguel Miro is a cell phone technician at Crossroads Smart Phone Repair here in Victoria. Miro says our cell phones are like mini computers and like a computer it can get a virus.

” V iruses are able to infect your notes get into all your personal information if someone is able to get in .” Said Miro

The BBB says there is a new scam called Ransomware which uses a virus to gain access to your phone then sends a pop-up window that says your device has been compromised. It will then freeze your device and demand you to pay a ransom to have the restriction removed.

” Y ea there is always people doing wrong things trying to get money out of people and things like that.” Said Dillon Janysek

Crossroad Smart phone Repair Customer Dillon Janysek says he uses an iphone and thinks his device is pretty secure but says if someone wants to hack into your phone they will get in there one way or another.

” T here’s nothing you can do about it really you know it’s just I mean getting something on there like a device detector.” Said Janysek

And the BBB and Technician Miguel Miro says downloading a device detector is exactly what you should do.

” T he best thing to protect against it is you can download from your authori zed app store an anti-virus software scanner, it will scan and protect you.” Said Miro