Bay City Says Goodbye To Police Chief

Members of the Bay City Community say goodbye to a local official.

On Saturday, May 20, 2017, friends and family of Chief Roger Barker gathered to bid him farewell on his retirement.

Chief Barker will officially be retired at the end of this month.

He has dedicated 42 years to law enforcement.

Ten of those years he’s served the City of Bay City.

Statement from Bay City Police Department:

During his ten years with Bay City, Chief Barker raised the standard not only for police service to the community, but for the expectations of the employees of the police department as well.

Chief Barker pushed for excellence. He encourage employees to seek opportunities to better educate themselves so they could excel both in their personal and professional lives. At times some were reluctant to try something new as Chief Barker was known to move personnel into new positions. His reasoning being to give personnel a new challenge and have them become well rounded rather than limit themselves to one position.

The department benefited from the changes as it was easier to temporarily cover vacant positions since so many had the experience and were able to step in and help. When Chief Barker took over the Police Department, he began working toward getting Bay City Police Department with the Texas Police Chief’s Association’s Best Practices.

The department has gone through the recognition process as well as re-recognition. There are 2659 police departments in the State of Texas. Only 139 of those are recognized agencies. During the retirement party Mayor Mark Bricker presented Chief Barker with his retirement badge. A badge well deserved. Incoming Chief Robert Lister was also presented him with an award for Exemplary Leadership and Service these past 10 years.

Chief Barker will be greatly missed by both co-workers and citizens alike. He has brought many changes to the department while working to better serve the community.