Bay City PD encourages sex assault victims to come forward using alias

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure allows sexual assault survivors to use a pseudonym?

This means someone who has been sexually assaulted may choose to use a fictitious name in all public files, press releases, and records of judicial proceedings.

Bay City Police Investigators know that often times victims of sexual assault are embarrassed to come forward to file a report. Investigators wanted to share this information with the public hoping that anyone who has been sexually assaulted knows they can come forward without their name being shared with the public.

The Office of the Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Services Program has provided law enforcement agencies with forms to record the name, address, telephone number and pseudonym of a victim. Once the victim completes the form and returns it to a law enforcement agency, the law enforcement agency will remove the victim’s name and substitute the pseudonym for the name on all reports, files, and records in the agency’s possession.

Once the law enforcement agency has substituted the pseudonym on all files, the agency will then notify the attorney for the state that a pseudonym form has been filed. At that time the attorney for the state will ensure that the victim is designated by the pseudonym in all legal proceedings concerning the offense.

Investigators would like to encourage anyone who feels they have been sexually assaulted to come forward and report it. Once the report is filed a pseudonym form can be issued and completed and officers can put the victim in touch with a crime victim’s liaison who can answer any questions they may have.