Bay City ISD New Dress Code Policy

BAY CITY- Bay City ISD is taking precautions to keep their students safe by implementing a new school uniform policy.

Starting this fall students will be required to wear a solid-colored, collared shirt as well as an identification badge. Representatives from the school district say the benefits of the new policy will create a less distracting environment, enhance safety on all their campuses, and be more cost effective for families.

The guidelines specifically point out that shirts must not be oversized, and that coats may not exceed knee length.

BCISD Chief Communications Officer Allison Sliva says it is important for the students to wear clothing that’s “more streamlined to the body and fits appropriately,” because it makes it more difficult to hide things.

The School District will also require mental health training, active shooter and intruder training, increased police presence, and upgrades to the cameras around their schools.

For more information about the specifics of the new dress code policy visit the Bay City ISD official website below.