Bald eagle gets confused during anthem, lands on fans at Cotton Bowl

Oh, say can you see … there’s a bald eagle about to land on you.

Some football fans at the Cotton Bowl ducked out of the way Saturday as a bald eagle, trained to fly around the stadium during the National Anthem and land on the field, grew confused and landed on two fans in the stands instead.

The eagle, named Clark, was supposed to circle AT<><><><><><><><><><><><><><>&T Stadium and land on the field to kick off the College Football Playoff semi-final game between Clemson and Notre Dame in Arlington, Texas./ppBut as he made his way around the stadium, Clark startled the crowd by landing on the back of a surprised Notre Dame fan for a few seconds before taking off again./ppAnother Notre Dame fan then stuck his right arm out and Clark swooped down and perched on it until his trainer, Daniel Cone, came to pick him up./ppAmused fans pulled out their phones and recorded photos and video of Clark’s adventure./ppClark, an American Bald Eagle, was born at thea href=”” target=”_blank” World Bird Sanctuary near St. Louis, Missouri/a. Due to a deformity in the scales of his talons, he couldn’t be released into the wild. So Clark entered the center’s flight-training program and is now one of their flying ambassadors./ppClark has performed at St. Louis Cardinals baseball games, Chicago Bears games and at the PBR World Finals, the bull-riding competition in Las Vegas./ppThis was Clark’s first time performing at AT<><><><><><>