Back to School haircuts and more

It’s back to school season so the Victoria Community Health Center and Texas Made Fades came together for a school supply drive to get students ready for this upcoming school year.

Maria Medina, a representative for VCHC, explained to us how this partnership came about. “This, together, is our first annual, but of course Texas Made Fades has been doing it for six years, and the Community Health Center has been doing it five years,” Medina says.

At the “Back to School Bash” event, students received backpacks along with something special.

“A lot of kids are going back to school and their parents don’t have a lot of the resources for backpacks and school supplies and haircuts,” says Bobby Medina of Texas Made Fades. “So we saw something that hasn’t happened yet, and we started doing it six years ago, and opened it up to the public and anyone that was looking to get a haircut or school supplies.”

Medina says he started giving back because he was once in those students’ shoes.

He explained, “I was a young kid who grew up just like the young man sitting in my chair. I grew up in a single-parent home; my mom struggled to make ends meet for me. She did a lot for me and my sister, and so when I was able to get older and become someone a little more successful, it was something that was very deep in my heart.”

Medina continues explaining his inspiration and mission saying, “This little man that is sitting right here was me… When I help this young man, I try to show him a little of that because I remember myself being this young kid.”

“I’ve been there and I have done that and my heart goes out to those kids, and this is why we partnered up together to give back to those students,” a visibly emotional Maria Medina adds, before saying with firm resolve, “No kid will go without a backpack or a nice haircut.”

Maribel Faith Hill, who was at the event with her son, says this event means a lot to her because there are people out there to lend a helping hand.

She tells us, “I want them to realize there are good people out here willing to donate their time, and there are people that have been through situations that I am in right now. I want them to realize that there is good people in this world, willing to do whatever they can to help our children who are going to school and getting an education.”

She continues saying that she hopes the children helped are motivated and inspired to, “grow up to be good people like this gentleman cutting my sons hair.”

Bobby Medina tells us that, “Going back to school is a real tough time not only for kids, but for parents.”

He hopes that the families they help find some relief from the often expensive school supply lists, and that the event can ease some of the burden on parents.

He says that,”backpacks, school supplies, shoes…there is a lot of stuff and it takes a lot. Anything we can help the parents save a little of money on it will go along way.”

Organizers want to continue to grow this event for years to come.