AWFC gets large donation

A couple makes a large donation to 'A World For Children'


VICTORIA, Texas – On Thursday, March 17, Richard Castillo and his wife made a large donation to a foster care organization called ‘A World For Children.’ It all started when his great niece had the idea of giving back to those who really need backpacks, clothes, gloves, and mittens.

“I don’t want to take hype from this beautiful angel. So, do you want to them? Whatever you want to say sweetheart,” he said.

Usually children who are in foster care arrive with nothing. That’s why it’s so important for him to make donations.

“You can see it’s a blessing for these children. Victoria has always been a big part of me, it’s my big heart giving back,” he said. “And I’m glad that I’m passing the torch to my great niece.”

A World For Children has been around for over 20 years. Sarah Vasquez with the organization said she’s happy the family and their church are making such a lard and heartfelt donation.

“But we are extremely grateful that this young lady has this awesome mission and she’s collected so much with the help of her uncle and family and their church,” said Vasquez.

Any kind of donation is helpful. The family went above and beyond with their donations, making sure to donate backpacks, infant clothing, hats, gloves, and toys. They even went to the extra mile to wrap some of their gifts.

“We are a world for children. You can find us at and we’re always looking for willing, open hearts to serve our children,” said Vasquez.

The foster care organization will accept clothes, backpacks, school supplies, or monetary donations.