Avoid Health Pitfalls While Working from Home

For many of us, the morning commute is from the bedroom to the home office.

So, for those who want to keep their mind and mood in tip-top shape – Cleveland Clinic’s Dan Allan, M.D., said a structured routine is key.

“Getting up, getting showered, getting dressed, not just hanging out in your day pajamas while you’re working; really make it feel like a work day,” he said. “Give yourself a structure and a purpose. Having some basic habits and being very deliberate about structuring your day will make you feel better, more productive, and give you a little bit more balance.”

When working from home, it’s easy to lose track of time and spend hours sitting still – but being too sedentary is bad news for the heart.

“I would definitely recommend people be more deliberate about their movements when they’re working from home,” said Dr. Allan. “You need to have a timer, or a system in place to get up and move. The more your blood pumps, the better you’ll think, and the more energy you’ll have and the better will be your focus and your productivity.”

And don’t forget about mental health. Too much time perusing COVID-19 news– can take its toll.

“I think it’s been easy for some people to spend too much time online, researching about the coronavirus, and I think they’re looking for answers that aren’t there,” Dr. Allan said. “And I think you have to limit that and it’s okay to be updated on the news and to keep educated, but I think, for some people, it bleeds into an obsession.”

Dr. Allan said it’s important to recognize we’re in a unique situation and that it’s okay to feel some uncertainty.

He recommends keeping busy and reassuring yourself that eventually stay at home orders will be eased.


(This information was received from Cleveland Clinic)