Authorities warn that some parking lot performers may be panhandling

Some parking lot performers who appear to be playing an instrument and ask for donations are actually acting like they're performing while a audio track plays behind them

VICTORIA, Texas – You may have heard Christmas music in certain shopping center parking lots and if you follow the music, you’ll find a person playing an instrument, but before you give your hard-earned money you should know it could be simple panhandling.

Authorities across the county are warning shoppers to beware that oftentimes these parking lot performers are acting like they’re playing the instrument while an instrumental track plays looking as if they are performing. It’s not illegal to do this in public or mime playing an instrument but some people say it’s not fair to truly talented musicians who try to make money this way.

In some cases, owners of shopping centers can complain to the police and have these parking lot performers removed. Citizens can also complain if they feel ripped off.