Authorities On the Search For Undocumented Immigrants in Victoria County

Victoria County resident Ann Hagel says it was about a year ago when undocumented immigrants stole her son’s truck, and sped off near Goliad highway. After hearing of another bailout today near her home, she wants to warn others to stay safe.

“We’ll be uneasy for a while until they find them all.”

Locking her doors and securing her home is something that Ann Hagel practices daily.

“I always lock my doors I don’t care what,” she says.

She does even more so now, since authorities encountered a group of 7 undocumented immigrants nearby Friday morning.
Three of them have been apprehended, and at least four are still on the run.

“The ones that we did apprehend turned out to be illegal aliens that were being trafficked into the United States. They have since been turned over to border patrol, and we’ll continue to frequent the area in attempt to locate the ones that fled on foot,” says Chief Deputy Roy Boyd.

Authorities are also warning others in the community to stay safe and to report suspicious activity.

“Do not try to make contact with them because some of the people are actually drug couriers or work directly for the cartel. So we ask if you do see them please call 911,” says Boyd.

As for Ann, she leaves the community with this message.

“Make sure you lock your doors at night,” she says.